In solidarity with the global fight against gender-based violence, GPCC stood tall during the 16 Days of Activism in partnership with Girls Not Brides, a national alliance championed by Joy for Children and World Vision Uganda. This collaboration brought together 106 non-governmental organizations, all united in the mission to eradicate child marriages, dismantle gender-based violence, and create a world where children can flourish without fear.

🤝 Uniting Voices, Empowering Lives: GPCC actively participated in various activities designed to raise awareness about gender-based violence and champion gender equality. One significant platform was the Girls’ Summit held in Kyenjonjo district. Here, girls and young women congregated, sharing experiences and engaging in discussions vital to combating gender-based violence. This summit wasn’t just an event; it was a powerful space fostering dialogue, collaboration, and empowerment.

🩸 Breaking Taboos, Fostering Dignity: GPCC conducted menstrual education sessions, recognizing the critical role these discussions play in dismantling menstruation-related stigma. By arming girls with accurate information about their bodies and rights, GPCC empowered them to manage menstruation with dignity and health. These sessions were not just about biology; they were about empowerment, ensuring every girl had the knowledge and resources for a confident, healthy future.

🌍 A Multifaceted Approach to Change: GPCC’s involvement in the 16 Days of Activism exemplifies a multifaceted strategy in tackling gender inequality, child marriages, and violence against girls and women. By combining awareness-raising activities, empowering dialogues, and crucial menstrual education, GPCC is driving change on multiple fronts. This approach isn’t just about addressing issues; it’s about rewriting narratives, fostering understanding, and creating a future where every girl’s potential knows no bounds.

At GPCC, our commitment to a safer, more equal world isn’t just a pledge; it’s a relentless pursuit. In partnership with Girls Not Brides, we’re shaping a reality where every girl and woman can live free from violence, stigma, and fear. Join us in this journey because together, our voices echo louder, our impact reaches further, and our world becomes a place of true equality and boundless opportunity.

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