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Our work is built in line with Our Mission, Goals and Vision.  


Women and girls that are self-sustainable financially independent and are aware of their rights.


To build strength and self-reliance of women and girls by fighting poverty and gender-based violence.


To strengthen knowledge and skills of young women and girls in Rwenzori region in areas of poverty, abuse and vulnerability.

Our Origin and Our Present

Tracing our journey from humble beginnings to our current impactful presence, as we continue to empower and uplift communities."

Girl Potential Care Centre has its roots in the vision of three young female friends who founded it in 2016 under the name Brita Kigambo Foundation. Their mission was simple yet profound: to offer support and assistance to fellow young people within their communities and schools. In 2020, recognizing the need to formalize their efforts, the organization was officially registered as a Community Based Organization under registration number CD/GRP/394. During this transition, it also changed its name to Girl Power Connect. This change was driven by the organization’s commitment to serving as a platform for girls facing tragic situations, including early pregnancies, marriages, abortions, school dropouts, sexual and gender-based abuses, and violence.

Girl Power Connect has since evolved into a vibrant entity that nurtures, mentors, and empowers girls to realize their full potential across diverse fields. These fields encompass social work and charity, arts and crafts, entrepreneurship, and urban farming. Through these channels, the organization directly and indirectly impacts families and communities. Its efforts contribute significantly to the eradication of poverty and the spread of HIV/AIDS. Moreover, the organization has become a powerful advocate for human rights among youth and the broader national community.

Today, Girl Potential Care Centre stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment for girls and young women, offering them the skills and support needed to overcome adversity and thrive. By nurturing their talents and imparting essential life skills, Girl Potential Care Centre continues to make a positive impact, not only within individual lives but also in the broader context of societal change. The organization’s commitment to its mission remains unwavering, making it a force for good and a catalyst for lasting transformation.

Our Team

Meet the dedicated individuals behind our mission, each contributing their unique talents and expertise to drive positive change.

Bridget Kigambo

Team Leader

Mugera Swabri

Project Coordinator

Karungi Pollyne


Kangume Carolyn