14 Hugs Project: Empowering Lives and Creating Smiles


In the heart of Fort Portal, the Girl Potential Care Center (GPCC) embarked on a transformative mission with its “14 Hugs” initiative. This heartfelt endeavor aimed to provide tangible support to families facing unique challenges, focusing on enhancing the lives of two remarkable girls, Michael Rose and Jocelyne Miracle.

Activity Overview:
On the 5th of October, the GPCC team conducted insightful visits to the homes of Rose and Miracle. The primary objective was to identify the specific needs of these families and extend a helping hand. The initiative garnered tremendous support, enabling GPCC to donate essential items, including wheelchairs, dolls, soap, a playing ball, and a reading book.

Objectives Achieved:

Enhancing Health and Well-being: The wheelchairs provided have significantly improved the mobility and overall health of Rose and Miracle.

Spreading Joy: The dolls, playing ball, and reading books brought smiles and excitement, creating a positive impact on the children’s lives.

Supporting Income Generation: By addressing Rose’s mother’s business aspirations, GPCC aims to empower her economically, fostering sustainability.

Stakeholder Contributions:
The success of the “14 Hugs” project was made possible through the generous contributions of stakeholders. Noteworthy donors, including Alpha Kiyaga, Haruna Salim Mbusa, Kaligirwa Bridget, Dominic Vian Oumo, and the invaluable support of Kigambo Moses, played a vital role in the project’s implementation.

Challenges and Solutions:
While challenges, such as delays and budget overages, were encountered, GPCC is committed to implementing solutions. Timely delivery of items and budget revisions are key strategies to enhance the efficiency of future field activities.

Stakeholder Engagement:
Community members, families, and even GPCC’s partners expressed gratitude for the positive impact of the “14 Hugs” initiative. The involvement of stakeholders, including a representative from the partnering organization, emphasized transparency and accountability.

Lessons Learned:
The “14 Hugs” project served as a learning experience, providing valuable insights for GPCC’s new administrator. Proper preparation emerged as a key factor in ensuring the success of community engagement.

In conclusion, GPCC’s commitment to making a positive impact on vulnerable lives shines through the success of the “14 Hugs” project. By addressing unique challenges and fostering community engagement, GPCC continues to uphold its mission of creating lasting change in the lives of those it touches.

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