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About us

GPCC is a girl led Non-Profit organization based in Fort Portal, Kabarole Uganda.

Girl Potential Care Centre was started as “Girl Power Connect” by 3 girls who were students are friends to support each other as students and other colleagues around their communities in different aspects and need with the help of available resources.

We work with young people affected by poverty, HIV/AIDS and disabilities to nature evident innovative solutions that support and empower young to lead independent and sustainable lives to eradicate for female rights, equality and inclusion.

Our Story Starts in early 2016

Girl Potential Care Centre is a girl founded not for profit group that was founded in 2016 as Brita Kigambo Foundation by 3 committed young female friends to give support to fellow young people in their communities and schools, and later registered as Community Based Organization under registration number CD/GRP/394 in 2020 and changed name to Girl Power Connect as a platform for girls that are (have) suffering tragic situations like early pregnancies and marriages. Abortions, school dropouts, sexual and gender-based abuses and violence.

Girl Potential Care Centre nurtures, mentors and empowers(skills) girls in maximizing their full potentials in fields of social work and charity, arts and craft, entrepreneurship and urban farming to directly and indirectly impact families and communities to contribute to eradication of poverty, the spread of HIV/AIDS and advocate for human rights for all among youth and the country at large.


To empower all girls in Western Uganda to identify and exploit their abilities to full potential

For the good of the of the communities and lives


To build strength, stability and self reliance of female young adults with fighting HIV/AIDS and gender based violence in Western Region [Kabarole] and Uganda

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