Empowering Teenage Mothers: The Success of the “Raise Her Again” Project


“Raise Her Again” is a pilot project initiated by GPCC in collaboration with Reproductive Health Uganda. The project took place over three days, from June 12th to 14th, 2024, focusing on providing teenage mothers with skills in liquid soap and bar soap making. This training aimed to equip them with the knowledge and tools necessary to start small businesses that could support them and their families. Five girls participated in this initial training program, and each was provided with the equipment needed to commence their ventures.

Goals and Objectives

Empowerment: Empower young mothers by providing them with practical skills to create income-generating opportunities.
Sustainability: Foster self-sufficiency among teenage mothers through small-scale business development.
Community Support: Create a supportive network for young mothers that promotes their well-being and social integration.


To train teenage mothers in the production of liquid soap and bar soap.
To provide the necessary equipment and resources to start their businesses.
To enhance the economic status and self-reliance of young mothers.
To foster partnerships with organizations that support reproductive health and women’s empowerment.
Milestones Achieved
Successful Training Completion: Five teenage mothers were successfully trained in the production of liquid and bar soap over a three-day period.
Equipment Distribution: Each participant received a set of essential equipment and materials to start their soap-making business.
Skill Acquisition: All participants demonstrated a good grasp of the soap-making process, including ingredient handling, production techniques, and quality control.
Partnership with Reproductive Health Uganda: Established a strong partnership that facilitated training and provided additional support and resources for the project.

Progress Made

Training Overview:
The training was divided into theoretical and practical sessions. Theoretical sessions covered the basics of soap making, including chemical safety, ingredient sourcing, and business management. Practical sessions involved hands-on soap production, where participants learned to make different types of soap, package their products, and calculate costs and pricing.

Equipment Distribution:
Each participant was provided with the necessary equipment, including mixing containers, molds, protective gear, and starter ingredients. This was crucial in enabling them to start their soap-making business immediately after the training.

Business Support:
Participants were also educated on basic business principles, including budgeting, marketing, and sales strategies. This holistic approach ensures that they not only have the skills to make soap but also the knowledge to sustain and grow their businesses.


The “Raise Her Again” project has laid a strong foundation for the empowerment of teenage mothers in our community. Through skill development and business support, we have given these young women the tools to build a brighter future for themselves and their families. The initial success of the project highlights the potential for significant positive change, and we are committed to expanding and sustaining this initiative to reach even more young mothers in need.

We express our gratitude to Reproductive Health Uganda and all our supporters for their invaluable contributions to this project. With continued support and dedication, we believe that “Raise Her Again” will grow to become a cornerstone of our community’s efforts to uplift and empower its young women.

Stay tuned for more updates and ways you can support this life-changing initiative!

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